Alderman 1935-6

Alderman Mrs Parsons 1935 - 1936

She continued as a councillor and in 1935 was elected Alderman on the death of Alderman Streimer. This was an uneasy time for West Ham Council and the rate for 1936 was set during a 'scene of violence'

From the Stratford Express 25th February 1936

West Ham Council’s Uproarious Meeting

Mayor twice leaves the chair

Rate fixed during turmoil

Man and Woman Alderman in ugly scene

The making of the rate for the year to March 1937 by West Ham Town Council on Tuesday evening was accomplished during a scene of violence. Alderman Rumsey was the chief participant. He moved to reduce the rate from the proposed 9/8d in the pound for the half year by one penny. His proposition was accompanied by a tirade against the Education Committee, whom he accused of venting their spite against him upon his child, alleging that because he refused to discuss the amount of his war disability pension, the scholarship won by the child was not allowed to be a free one.

The Mayor was twice compelled to adjourn the meeting because of the uproar which occurred during the Alderman’s speech. After the second adjournment there was an ugly scene between Alderman Mrs Parsons and Alderman Rumsey, who were prevented from fighting only by the physical intervention of other members. …

From Words to Deeds

Alderman Mrs Parsons strode across the chamber and on reaching Alderman Rumsey, struck him with a copy of the Council reports which she had in her hands exclaiming ‘You called me a --------‘ Alderman Rumsey endeavoured to return the blow but several colleagues hastily interposed and prevented the Alderman from rising. Others pulled Alderman Parsons away and led her to her seat. It was with some difficulty that Alderman Rumsey was retrained and he reiterating ‘She struck me in the face and tried to claw me. She sent my missis up the pole’ For a considerable time the Alderman was surrounded by members who endeavoured to calm him and get him to leave the council chamber. After a time he smoked a cigarette and eventually left the chamber in company with Councillor Luscombe and Councillor Hearn who saw him on a train for home. The council meeting resumed after half an hour’s delay.



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