Peace to War 1937-9

After her success as mayor, she was made life governor of several hospitals.

Letter from the Secretary of Queen Maryís Hospital for the East End, making Daisy Parsons a life governor of the institution;

22nd February 1938

Dear Mrs Alderman Parsons

You were the first woman to be Mayor of the important Borough of West Ham, which, is the seventh largest town in England. You adorned that office nobly and well and in doing so, you remembered with your very large heart, the demands and interests of this hospital.

You will remember that we elected you to be a governor of this institution for a period of ten years during 1937. I now have pleasure in telling you that the Board, at its last meeting, decided to make you a life-governor for services rendered to the Institution, and this is the highest honour that the Hospital Authorities can confer.

With best of wishes

Raphael Jackson



She was also asked to stand as Member of Parliament for Upton, but although asked twice she refused.

Letter from Comrade Mrs Cant:

19th May 1938

Dear Comrade Mrs Parsons,

In case I Donít get a chance to speak to you at the ward meeting.

I am writing to tell you that I have asked for your name to be considered at the next divisional meeting of the Upton Constituency, as I was told by one of the E.C. members that Comrade Ben Gardner is resigning, and that Dr Boyde had already been asked and refused, so I said it was time we had a woman to represent West Ham, so she promised to bring it forward at the next meeting of the E.C.

Hoping I have not acted against your wishes, I am yours sincerely

E. Cant

Daisyís reply:

Dear Comrade Mrs Cant,

Many thanks for your kind letter received and hope that you will let your sleeping partner know at Upton that I do not want my name to be submitted for Upton. The main reason is that all my municipal work has been done in the south of the borough. I want therefore to finish south if possible. I regret Ben Gardner is unable to carry on and hope it is not infectious but that the other three stalwarts will keep in for ever.

Love and all good wishes

Daisy Parsons

Mrs Cant did not give up and sent another letter:

4th June 1938

Dear Comrade Mrs Parsons

I am writing to you for the second time, would you be willing to let your name go forward as our next parliamentary candidate in the event of a general election.

Firstly I was at the meeting when Comrade Thorne said this was the last time he would stand for parliament. Secondly we want more women in, and I feel sure that if we nominate you, we know you can, health permitting, do the job, also I donít think Miss Roddick would run against you being a woman Ö

E. Cant

We do not have Daisyís reply to this letter, but she did not run as a parliamentary candidate at any election during her political career.



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